We assist our clients in deciding what impacts and opportunities are presented by social media and other emerging technologies, and their integration with CRM and mobile communications platforms, and in charting a path forward that takes full advantage of the opportunities while minimizing or reversing the impacts. The culmination of our strategy offerings is the definition and implementation of an Enterprise Solution Architecture (ESA), which is a roadmap for the alignment of the client’s business strategy, information architecture, application architecture and infrastructure architecture so that the underlying infrastructure, the applications it supports, and the information captured and processed by those applications all align and support the client’s customer-focused business strategy.

    Specific service offerings in this space:

    • CXS – Customer Experience Strategy
    • SMM – Social Media Marketing



    We believe that technology strategy should follow and support business strategy. Therefore we believe that a rock solid information solution begins with an analysis of your vision and objectives. Unless this is done, your business runs the risk of not only missing out on technology-enabled opportunities for market leadership, but also of building technology infrastructure and making significant investments without a clear linkage to business requirements and strategy.

    Our service offerings in the information technology space focus on defining and implementing an Enterprise Solution Architecture (ESA), which is the alignment of the following elements:

    • business strategy: the strategic goals, objectives and constraints of the enterprise, as reflected in such documents as the strategic plan, operating budgets, vision statements, etc.
    • information architecture: the data required by the enterprise in order to realize its business goals. This might include, for example, more timely access to accurate, up-to-the-minute information on sales or customer data.
    • application architecture: the portfolio of software applications needed by the enterprise in order to realize its information requirements. This might include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and/or Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications, advanced e-Commerce storefronts or service centers, and may also include development of custom software applications.
    • technology architecture: the underlying technology infrastructure needed to support the business, information and application architectures. Technology is not an end in itself; it is only useful to the extent that it aligns with and supports (even enables!) business strategy.

    We facilitate this process by conducting workshops with key stakeholders at all levels of your organization, helping you to think through your strategy and prioritize your initiatives, culminating in the development of a clear blueprint and roadmap linking business, information, application and technology requirements.

    Through techniques such as Activity Based Costing, Critical Path Analysis, multi-attribute decision modeling, high-level data and process modeling, Business Case Analysis, as well as the use of benchmarking and best practices, we can help you focus your technology strategy and implementation on what really matters to your business, and help you optimize your business strategy by preparing to take advantage of today’s technology enablers.

    Specific service offerings in this space:

    • BPR – Business Process Redesign
    • ESA – Enterprise Solution Architecture




    After an ESA has been defined and a phased implementation/transition plan has been developed — or if the client has their own ESA in place or has defined a more tactical objective of selecting an implementing a solution for a limited footprint — we guide our clients through the myriad of technology options and components available in the marketplace to engineer the best solution for their needs based on a rigorous process of evaluating requirements, cost, flexibility, performance, value, and other factors relevant to each individual client; we can also take the lead on the RFQ/RFI/RFP if necessary, as well as the establishment of scoring criteria and models, evaluation/selection committee proceedings and negotiations.

    Specific service offerings in this space:

    • TES – Technology Evaluation and Selection




    Once a solution has been acquired, we lead our clients through the process of replacing existing processes, platforms and capabilities with new ones based on redesigned and optimized business processes, either as the prime contractor or as an Independent Quality Assurance agent. In addition to program/project management services provided by our certified project managers, we engage to lead or assure the process redefinition and change management work that often accounts for the larger portion of the total ROI vs. the purely technology-driven benefit. We help our clients focus their technology strategy and implementation on what really matters to their business, and help them optimize their business strategy by preparing to take advantage of today’s technology enablers.

    The following flow diagrams depict our core internal program/project governance processes, covering program control and reporting, as well as issue resolution:





    Specific service offerings in this space:

    • GIS – Geographic Information Systems
    • IQV – Independent QA and IV&V
    • PPM – Program and Project Management
    • XPD – Cross-Platform Development




    Our Staff Augmentation (AUG) and Contract-to-Hire (CTH) services can place trained, screened and vetted Customer Experience (CX) professionals within your organization for a day, a week or a year, on our payroll or yours.

    Need a job done efficiently, effectively, in a timely manner and at rate structures often unattainable with full time staff? We can gather and manage an assembled-to-order team of Subject Matter Expert (SME) resources that are qualified and vetted in support of your requirements. By taking advantage of virtual collaboration technologies, time zone changes and rate/wage differentials, your organization can benefit from superbly qualified talent on a 24 hour basis at very competitive rates. Please inquire with your requirements.

    Specific service offerings in this space:

    • AUG – Staff Augmentation
    • CTH – Contract-to-Hire
    • VPT – Virtual Project Team